Bill Payment

Bill Payment

Betalo's Bill Payment service enables cardholders to make payments to any business using their preferred payment card.

Bill Payment supports any Visa, Mastercard or American Express cards. Betalo has also partnered with several leading card issuers to offer exclusive benefits.

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How to make a bill payment


1. Log in

Log in using Mobile BankIDD


3. Add recipient details

Add details about the recipient. You can make payments to Bankgiro och PlusGiro.*

2. Select card

Add or choose the payment card you will use


4. Complete

Check your details and complete the payment

You find more information in our FAQ

Fees for making a bill payment with Betalo

Card Type Service fee
Mastercard Mastercard 1.9%
Visa Visa 1.9%
American Express American Express 2.5%
Partner Cards Service fee
Santander Mitt kort, Santander Mitt kort+ 0.0%
Wasa Kredit Agriakortet, Wasa Kredit Gustav 0.5%
All Nordea cards 0.7%
All cards issued by Ecster, Lån & Spar Mastercard, Villaägarnas Mastercard 1.0%
Ikano Kort, Preem Mastercard, Shell Mastercard, Audi Visa, Seat Visa, Skoda Visa, Volkswagen Visa 1.9%