Backend Engineering Manager (Chapter Lead)

Who We Are

We are looking for a chapter lead to join our engineering team building the next leading mobile banking app in the Nordics from the ground up.

We have a team of engineers, product managers, and product designers working on building our product. We are an agile team that ships frequently, commonly releasing to production 15+ times per day, and releasing new versions of our mobile apps as often as once per week. We’re continually shipping new features and refining our designs to give our customers the best possible experience.

Who You Are

In previous jobs, you may have called yourself a Scrum Master, a Delivery Manager, an Agile Coach, or an Engineering Manager, but your goal was the same: build a great team of engineers and help that team deliver quality products in a smooth way.

You know that the things on the left actually make us faster, while the things on the right only make us feel faster:

  • Finishing work -- not: starting new work
  • Serializing work -- not: parallelizing work
  • Less work in progress -- not: more work in progress
  • Quality focus -- not: cutting corners
  • Pairing, swarming, and mobbing -- not: individual assignments
  • Alternating focus time and collaboration time -- not: everyone heads down all day
  • Swarming to solve blockers as a team -- not: struggle as individuals

What You Will Do

As a Chapter Lead at Betalo, you will work with a group of backend engineers (a “chapter”) who work in several independent and cross-functional teams, each with a product owner and the engineers needed to build a product. You will...

  • Develop chapter members through mentoring and coaching.
  • Advocate for development best practices (code review processes, splitting work, process for architecture changes, etc).
  • Grow the technical expertise of your team through lunch and learns, hands-on mentoring, and more.
  • Work with the CTO to help hire and onboard new engineers.
  • Help the teams become better at autonomously organizing their own work.
  • Help the chapter work in an agile and iterative way.
  • Organize retrospectives to help the teams continuously improve.

Must Haves

  • Previous experience with leading, coaching, and mentoring individuals and teams (as a scrum master, agile coach, engineering manager, etc) in an agile development environment.
  • Excited to develop the technical and collaboration skills of engineers.
  • You have worked in software engineering previously.
  • You have a sense of urgency and like to collaborate.
  • You live in Stockholm (or are happy moving here).
  • You have the right to work in Sweden.

Bonus Points

  • You really love finance.
  • You have been a scrum master or agile coach.