Send money to a Swedish Bank Account

Send money to a swedish bank account

You can send money to a Swedish bank account from your credit card with Betalo.

Bonus and cashback

By using your card to send money to a bank account, you can take advantage of your card's benefits.

Mastercard & Visa

You can use all Mastercard and Visa with Betalo. American Express cannot be used to send money to a Swedish bank account.

Quick and easy

Register your debit- or credit cards in the app for fast and easy payments and transfers.

How do I send money to a Swedish bank account with Betalo?

1. Log in

Download the app and log in securely with BankID. Betalo app can be found on Google Play and in the Appstore.

2. Choose your card

Choose the card you want to pay with: Visa or Mastercard, if you have a partner card, you choose it.

3. Add recipient details

Add details about the payment, such as account number and message to the recipient.

4. Check and complete

Check that the information is correct and complete your payment.